The Candidate for Bow River will be announced prior to the next election. Consider putting your name forward.

From the former candidate Orrin Bliss. 

I would like to once again thank everybody for all the time, money and efforts put into the 2021 campaign. I believe it was a success regardless of outcome. On March 12 we formed the EDA out of thin air, raised money without the benefit of being able to issue tax receipts, raised awareness of the Maverick party and the what we stand for, came together as a diverse group of people who lived far apart and ran a campaign that eclipsed all but the CPC campaign and that was only due to their much larger resources and established support group. The other parties didn’t come close to what we accomplished regardless of outcome, the NDP candidate never even put up a sign or made it to even one event. Their  results were almost wholly based on their national coverage not their local teams. We were in five parades, three town halls, two meet and greets, four candidates forums, two rodeos and two farmers markets. We put up 568 signs some of which were huge, made most of the local papers in one way or another, were on the internet, TV and radio. We also made many friends and allies across the riding and will continue to build upon that.

For the next election we have the advantage of already having an EDA set up, being able to issue tax receipts, having our name and message being much better known, having many more supporters and hopefully more volunteers. We will have a tremendous advantage in the next election that we didn’t have in this one. In the meantime I encourage everybody to help take any and all steps towards strengthening Alberta, even small ones add up.

With the utmost of humble appreciation,


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